Christina & Ben.

Rutland Water Engagement Shoot.

"Many waters cannot quench love"

On a chilly but golden December day I met Christina and Ben on the south shore of Rutland Water for their engagement shoot. It was a location that they had chosen as being special to them and we met up in the carpark before heading out for a stroll by the water.

It was an exciting time for the couple, not only were they celebrating their engaement but Christina was also pregnant. They had a busy year ahead of them and this shoot was a great way to capture this moment in their lives together, when there were so many exciting prospects on the horizon. They told me all about their plans as we walked around, stopping now and then at interesting spots to snap a few images.

One of my favourite things about engagement shoots is finding new locations to shoot in. People usually choose a park but meeting by the reservoir meant that I discovered Normanton Church, pictured below, which is now definitely on my list of wedding venues I’d love to shoot in. We just made do with the exterior on this occasion, which is stunning itself, Especially when the clouds briefly parted and the golden winter sun hit the side of the building and cast a relection into the water.

Sadly, later in the following year Christina and Ben had to cancel their wedding due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Postponement wasn’t really an option with the new baby on the way, so I never got to shoot their wedding which I was really looking forward to. Here’s hoping that they can pick up their plans further down the road when little Daisy can join in the celebration.



Rutland Water