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Pre Wedding Questionnaire

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. I'm very excited to share this special day with you. If you have any questions, concerns, or need any help please feel free to contact me. The more information I can gather the better. I send this same questionnaire to all my couples, so if there are questions that aren't relevant, please skip them. Once I receive your completed questionnaire I'll schedule a brief phone call with you to make sure we are all on the same page ahead of the wedding.

    Full names
    Wedding date
    Please let me have a simple schedule for your day from start to finish, including the order of events at your reception.
    What time do you need me to start?
    Are you working with a planner? If so, what is their name and contact number?
    Have you hired a videographer or any other professional that I will have to work alongside on the day? Please let me have their name and contact details.

    If this section is not relevant to your booking please skip ahead

    Who am I covering for preparation photos. Just one of you or both?
    Please confirm the addresses of where I need to be and at what times for preparation photos. Remember to allow me travel time between venues if necessary)
    Do you have a hair dresser or make up artist coming? What times will they be with you?
    Are there any particular details you want captured while getting ready?
    Do you want to do a first look? If so, who is involved and where are we going to do it?
    What time are you leaving to go to the ceremony?


    Please confirm the address of your ceremony venue and anything I need to know about parking.
    Have you got any special transport planned and do I need to capture your arrival or departure?
    Who is conducting your ceremony? Is it the registrar, a celebrant or someone you know? Please also let me have their name.
    Are there any specific rules or restrictions to be aware of for your ceremony?
    How many guests will be attending?
    Have you got any surprises or quirky moments planned that I need to be ready for?


    Please confirm the address of your reception venue and anything I need to know about parking.
    What sort of meal are you having?
    If I'm with you all day, are you feeding me? (I am perfectly happy to bring a packed lunch, but if you have kindly arranged a meal, please let me know so I don't double up. I'm an awkward veggie by the way.)
    Do you have any surprises, entertainment, or special events planned for the reception that I should know about in advance?
    How many speeches are you having and at what point are you doing them?
    What's happening at your evening do?

    Most of the photos I take will be candid images of you and your guests enjoying themselves, but there are a few moments during the day where I will need to take a more structured approach.

    Are you having a confetti / sparkler / bubbles moment? If so when and where will this happen?
    Please provide a list of the group photos you would like. (I recommend keeping group shots to a minimum, allow 3 minutes per photo)
    When will we do the group shots? (Usually this is the first job during the drinks reception, after your ceremony, but your day might run differently)
    Do you have a location in mind where you'd like the group shots to be taken?
    Can you provide me with an assistant to round up your guests? A best man or loud family member would be great. Please let me have their name and relationship to you.
    Are there any family politics that I need to be aware of, or anything I need to know to avoid awkwardness during the group shots?
    Tell me a bit about how you feel about portraits of the two of you. How important are they to you and how long do you want to spend on them? Are you happy to have your picture taken or will you be nervous?
    Do you have any "must-have" photographs?

    Its helpful for me to know about the other businesses that have contributed to your big day.
    Please can you let me know the name (and Instagram handle if you know it) of the following:


    Would you like to be tagged in any photos I share on my social media? If so please let me have your handles.
    Is there anything else you need me to know?
    Do you have any questions for me?