Wedding Photography at Donington Park Farmhouse

Donington Park Farmhouse

Donington Park Farmhouse, though geographically┬áin Leicestershire, is so close to me in Derby that I’m claiming it for Derbyshire as well. This 17th century farmhouse has a collection of converted barn buildings that you can make use of for your wedding day. Including dinner in the pig sties!

Donington Park farmhouse is a really versatile space. The first wedding I shot there was during the pandemic. I forget the exact guidelines, but there was a time where you could have a ceremony with just 30 guests as long as there was no indoor dancing. So this couple ploughed on with face masks aplenty, the bride moving in with her parents so her dad could walk her down the aisle and a cardboard cutout of a brother who was stuck in another country. The upshot was that they took most of their day outside into the gorgeous courtyard, and danced the evening away under the stars.

The ceremony room at Donington Park Farmhouse is stunning with a lovely atmosphere created by warm mood lighting and brick walls. I often get asked about how I approach photography in this room as the light levels are low and can seem excessively orange. My style is always to give a true impression of the day whilst remaining as unobtrusive as possible during the ceremony. This means I wont be using a flash. I might set up some small LED lights which give a constant warm light to illuminate you without affecting the general atmosphere of the room. I obviously have my own style of editing which is quite bold and contrasty, but I will aways listen to how you would like your pictures to look and take that into account. If you want me to tone down the oranges then I can.

There’s los of great spaces for portraits at Donington Park Farmhouse, the farm buildings themselves make a great backdrop with features like spiral staircases and festoon lighting. The fields over the road are also pretty special for sweeping landscape shots with the feature of a derelict barn.

You can find out more about getting married at Donington Park Farmhouse by visiting their website here.

If you’re thinking of getting married at Donington Park Farmhouse, why not drop me a line and we can have a chat to see if my particular brand of photography might suit you.

Wedding photographer Emma Duder sits on the steps near the cathedral in her home town of Derby holding her camera


Emma Duder

Emma Duder has been photographing weddings in the Derbyshire, Peak District and wider Midlands area since 2016. She lives in Derby with her tolerant husband, wilful daughter and senile cat. In addition to photographing weddings and families, she also gets a kick out of photographing local theatre and is a photography instructor with Derby Photography Group.