A labyrinth styled couple dance together and kiss under white cherry blossom for a styled shoot at The Old Bell Hotel, Derby

Labyrinth Styled Wedding Shoot.

The Old Bell Hotel, Derby.

"It's only forever, not long at all"

This shoot has been styled entirely around the ballroom scene from the 80s cult classic film ‘Jim Henson’s Labyrinth’ starring David Bowie. It features work by a fantastic group of alternative suppliers who also happen to be massive Labyrinth fans. It took place at Derby wedding venue The Old Bell Hotel which is Derby’s oldest coaching inn dating back to 1650 and is grade II listed. We used the stunning regency ballroom for our shoot which matched the theme perfectly. The concept behind the shoot was not to recreate the scene exactly but to take it as inspiration, and create work that could viably be used in a real wedding rather than a film set.

I came up with the concept for this shoot and I don’t think it’s ever been so easy to get a team together. Lots of people were amazingly keen on the idea. I think the film holds a special place in lots of people’s hearts. Although the concept of having a wedding inspired by a film is pretty unconventional, the ballroom scene itself actually pushed the usually alternative vendors down some more conventional paths with a blush pink and cream colour scheme and lots of candelabras and crystals. However their quirky creativity didn’t disappoint and they created a really unique look by going fantastically over the top. The phrase ‘it’s so extra’ was bandied about quite a lot on the day.

The idea for the Labyrinth shoot evolved from wanting to do a masquerade shoot with a difference. Labyrinth has held a fascination for me since childhood and I know that it evokes strongly nostalgic feelings for lots of people in my generation. Putting an 80s spin on a masquerade ball really appealed to me. The ballroom scene is pure fantasy, which I felt would give the suppliers the freedom to really stretch their creativity and show what they can do. I kept the brief really minimal and just told them that the inspiration was the scene itself and they took it from there. I think the way this shoot was put together really showcases how couples can go to their vendors with the scraps of an idea, trusting that they will turn it into something stunning and unique. It’s also a testament to the passion of these suppliers who have all gone above and beyond to research and create bespoke items of an immaculately high standard. The scene itself was obviously the main inspiration but I know all the vendors watched the whole film through more than once and there is a making-of documentary which is available on YouTube which gave us all a valuable insight into the film maker’s inspiration.

My favourite part of the shoot had to be our lovely ring-bearing owl Juliette. We really wanted a barn owl to feature as there is one in the film which is particularly iconic. She and her eagle owl friend Elvis definitely stole the limelight on the day of the shoot and all the suppliers were smitten. The birds were particularly well behaved in the grand regency ballroom and completely unfazed by all the fuss. Bird on the Hand offer all sorts of options for including birds of prey on your special day and are guaranteed to delight and entertain your guests.

Watch the inspirational ballroom scene HERE

Creative Team

Photography & Shoot Coordinator
Doodah Photography

Nina Emily Photo & Film

The Old Bell Hotel

Stylist & Flowers
Finishing Flourishes

Bespoke Couturier
Scarlet Tayla

Shoe Designer
Inanna Bespoke Shoes

Hair Accessories & Jewellery

Bridal Hair Specialist
Victory Rolls Hair Parlour

Makeup Artist
Laurie Scott Makeup

Bird of Prey Experiences
Bird on the Hand

Ceremonies by Leni Robson

Cake Makers
Smith Street Bakers

Doodah Designs

Millinery & Masks
Stafford-Townsend Millinery


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