A bride stands on a rock during a Peak District Post-Wedding Shoot holding her skirts out to the wind as the Derbyshire landscape is pictured in the background

Peak District Post-Wedding Styled Shoot

Froggatt Edge, Peak District

"Beautiful must be the mountains whence ye come."

It had been a few years since Hannah had last worn her wedding dress, but we still classed it as a post-wedding bridal shoot. She was a bit thinner and a bit more tattoed than last time, but it was worth a trip into the attic and being pegged into her gown for the resulting images.

To be clear Hannah isnt a model, she’s just a friend of mine who got bullied into coming to the Peak District with me so that I could get some edgy outdoor shots in one of my favourite locations in all of England. Check out my Pinterest inspiration for this shoot here.

On the day we had planned to take the photos it rained and thundered all day, but we headed out anyway, late in the day, with the hope of catching the evening light. We were able to park in a layby near Froggatt Edge and waited for a lull in the weather.

Our patience was briefly rewarded and after a short walk to the edge we set up on a rock and were able to snap a few pictures in the 20 minutes before the rain came driving in again. These images are proof that sometimes chancing the weather will get really special results. If it hadn’t been stormy that day we never would have got those amazing clouds in the sky or the etherial glow of the sun breaking through.

I would absolutely love to do more shoots like this. If you’d rather spend your wedding day enjoying the moment and socialising with your guests, then why not book a post-wedding shoot where you can take the time to go somewhere epic, like the Peak Distict, and get some really stunning styled images that are truly mantlepiece worthy. Equally if you’ve been married a while but maybe aren’t happy with your original wedding photos, then there’s nothing to stop you trying again (with the photography that is). The only question is, does your outfit still fit? Because it’s a shame to only wear it once.

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Froggatt Edge, High Peak

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"I can't stop looking at them! I felt really awkward and unnatural at first but we had loads of fun and got some really creative pictures"